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CVS patch for cygwin

Cygwin port maintained by: Charles Wilson (bug reports to <>)

I applied the following patch to CVS-1.21.11-1 in order to allow myself
to share sandboxes between WinCVS and cygwin/cvs.

The problem is that WinCVS puts a CR/LF in the file "CVS/Root"
on which cygwin/cvs chokes....

This (trivial) patch solves that problem...

( I prefer not to mount the sandbox as "Text" in cygwin, which might also have fixed it )

diff -u src/root.c.orig src/root.c
--- src/root.c.orig 2006-11-21 13:40:12.758930500 +0100
+++ src/root.c      2006-11-21 13:39:12.461870500 +0100
@@ -95,7 +95,10 @@
    fclose (fpin);
    cp = root + len - 1;
    if (*cp == '\n')
-       *cp = '\0';                     /* strip the newline */
+       *cp-- = '\0';                   /* strip the newline */
+    if (*cp == '\r')
+       *cp-- = '\0';                   /* strip the carriage return */

     * root now contains a candidate for CVSroot. It must be an

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