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cp command fails when copying from a network drive

I have cygwin version 1.5.21 and am getting the following error when
attempting to copy a file from a network drive to a local drive:
$ cp v:/foo.txt ~
cp: skipping file `v:/foo.txt', as it was replaced while being copied

I've noticed from the mailing list archives that this problem has been
seen before, but I haven't managed to find any solution/workaround.

I've attached the output from running `cygcheck -svr' and the results of
running the getvolinfo command posted in the archives.

Copying works fine from all my mapped network drives except for my v:
drive (which is automatically mapped at login to a "home" drive at
another site).

I notice in the cygcheck output that this is the only network drive not
marked with "FC" (not sure if this is significant or not):
b:  net NTFS    327304Mb  68% CP CS UN PA FC     NASVolume
r:  net NTFS    114392Mb  90% CP CS UN PA FC     
v:  net NTFS       500Mb  46% CP CS UN PA        johnc$

Also, this "v:" drive has some kind of auto-snapshot system where
modified files are placed in a ~snapshot directory with subdirs named
hourly.0, hourly.1, ..., nightly.0, etc, etc.

Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.


    --- John

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