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RE: Problems with GCC-3.4.4-2 (exp) ?

On 19 November 2006 18:05, Dave Korn wrote:

> On 19 November 2006 18:02, Dave Korn wrote:
>>   Augh!  I messed up the specs somehow!
>>   It's hard to see in there, but there's a space missing between the
>> -auxbase and the -g option specs.  Thanks for finding this Angelo; I think
>> that's the last thing that needed fixing before I can release -3.
>   And another one between undef and Qn.  Wonder how I managed to do that.

  This is how I did it!

@@ -767,10 +767,15 @@
 static const char *cc1_options =
 "%{pg:%{fomit-frame-pointer:%e-pg and -fomit-frame-pointer are
  %1 %{!Q:-quiet} -dumpbase %B %{d*} %{m*} %{a*}\
- %{c|S:%{o*:-auxbase-strip %*}%{!o*:-auxbase %b}}%{!c:%{!S:-auxbase %b}}\
- %{g*} %{O*} %{W*&pedantic*} %{w} %{std*&ansi&trigraphs}\
- %{v:-version} %{pg:-p} %{p} %{f*} %{undef}\
- %{Qn:-fno-ident} %{--help:--help}\
+ %{c|S:%{o*:-auxbase-strip %*}%{!o*:-auxbase %b}}%{!c:%{!S:-auxbase %b}}"
+#ifdef GPC
+ "%{g*} %{O*} %{f*&W*&pedantic*&w} %{std*&ansi&trigraphs}\
+ %{v:-version} %{pg:-p} %{p} %{undef}"
+#else /* !GPC */
+ "%{g*} %{O*} %{W*&pedantic*} %{w} %{std*&ansi&trigraphs}\
+ %{v:-version} %{pg:-p} %{p} %{f*} %{undef}"
+ "%{Qn:-fno-ident} %{--help:--help}\
  %{!fsyntax-only:%{S:%W{o*}%{!o*:-o %b.s}}}\
  %{fsyntax-only:-o %j} %{-param*}";

  Spot the subtle thinko owing to changing between line continuation and C
string concatenation owing to not being able to have #ifdefs in the middle of
a continued line!

  Respin on the way.  (Takes about 3-4 days on my 6-year old athlon box...)

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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