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[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: libXpm-noX-3.5.6-1, libXpm-noX-devel-3.5.6-1, libXpm-noX_4-3.5.6-1

The libXpm-noX packages provide a version of the Xpm image format library compiled to NOT require the use of an X server. These packages are the successors to the old xpm-nox package (which now contains only the old DLL, for compatibility purposes).

See the related announcement
Updated: xpm-nox-4.2.0-6

Changes (from xpm-nox-4.2.0-5) -------------------- o rename the entire project from 'xpm-nox' to 'libXpm-noX' o switch to cygport build framework + Note: 'cygport libXpm-noX-3.5.6 get' requires git, which is not part of the official cygwin distribution. However, a regular build (prep, build, install, pkg) will work fine without git. o split into three packages: DLL, devel, apps & docs o update to latest version of the library from the modular repository

What is "libXpm-noX-3.5.6"? I thought the most recent xpm was 3.4k.
Or, your last several releases of xpm-nox have had version numbers like 4.2.0 or 4.3.0. Where'd you get 3.5.6?

  In the 'modularization' work undertaken by the team,
  all X libraries (including xpm) were modified so that they
  would build using traditional GNU build tools: autoconf,
  automake, libtool.  This effort was finalized with the release
  of X11R7.0 in December 2005.  However, each individual library
  has its own (new) version number -- because the idea is that
  modular libraries may be released on a rolling schedule, and
  not all-at-once like the monolithic (pre-7.0) X11.

  So, the most recent version of libXpm from the modular
  tree is 3.5.6.  Clear?

This is also the reason I renamed the entire package set from "xpm-nox" to "libXpm-noX" -- I figured it would inevitably lead to problems if I tried to force setup.exe to always replace 4.whatever with the "newer" 3.whatever.

-- Charles Wilson libXpm-noX volunteer maintainer for cygwin


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