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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: jbigkit-1.6-1 NEW: libjbig-devel-1.6-1, libjbig2-1.6-1, libjbig1-1.5-3

The jbigkit package has been updated to version 1.6-1.  JBIG is a
lossless, bilevel image compression format with better compression than
TIFF-LZW (for bilevel images), and is patent-unencumbered. It is an
'official' standard image format -- ITU-T Recommendation T.82. (The
JBIG group is a sister organization to the more familiar JPEG group;

CHANGES (from jbigkit-1.5-3):

* Use cygport build framework
* Bump DLL number because upstream API changed:
    "minor API modification in jbg_enc_options(): parameter l0 changed
     from type long to unsigned long; previous value now remains
     unchanged when l0 == 0 (was: l0 < 0)"
* Split into multiple packages: DLL, -devel, and main
* libjbig1-1.5-3 is a compatibility package containing only the DLL
  from the previous jbigkit package (1.5-3).

Charles Wilson
jbigkit volunteer maintainer for cygwin


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