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Re: autoconf2.5: AC_PATH_XTRA in 2.60

Charles Wilson wrote:

Yeah, thanks for the reminder. I was trying to get all the automake updates rolled out first -- and kinda hoping that ac-2.61 would come out:

But I have, it hasn't -- so it's time for ac-2.60-2.

So, as the demon Murphy requires, I uploaded ac-2.60-2 but haven't yet announced it -- and upstream autoconf-2.61 was released.

I've uploaded an updated autoconf (wrapper) package that will handle ac-2.61 (and 2.60, 2.5x, 2.59, and 2.13), and soon I will build autoconf2.5-2.61-1. However, before I do that, cygport's logic needs to be updated.

Yaakov, take a look at how the new gentoo wrapper handles this:

particularly this section (I modifed the vers variable to account for our old *-2.5x naming convention):

# Set up bindings between actual version and WANT_AUTOCONF
vers="2.61:2.5 2.60:2.5 2.59:2.5 2.5x:2.5 2.13:2.1"

for v in ${vers} ; do
	if [ -z "${binary}" ] && [ -x "${0}-${auto_ver}" ] ; then
if [ -z "${binary}" ] ; then
	echo "ac-wrapper: Unable to locate any usuable version of autoconf." >&2
	echo "            I tried these versions: ${vers}" >&2
	echo "            With a base name of '${0}'." >&2
	exit 1

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