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Re: make-3.81 update?

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Rob Walker wrote:
Bill Hoffman wrote:
Rob Walker wrote:

Looks like the Windows-style paths support has been accepted as an upstream patch. When can Cygwin pick this up?
When make 3.82 comes out.
Thanks. Is this imminent or scheduled? Is there anything I can do to help in the meantime?

Yes, I got this shortly after sending my query. Sorry for the spam.

I spent some time browsing the Cygwin site looking for information about package maintainers. Most of what I found was how to become a package maintainer for an as-yet-unsupported package. What I was really looking for was a list of the current maintainers, and possibly information about how to help get an already-owned package updated.

Contacting package owners is done through this list.  The Cygwin package
owner for 'make' has already replied to this thread.
There were actually 2 people who felt qualified to answer my question. Presumably only one is the package owner. Were there a list of package owners, I could have ignored the errant response.

Maintenance of bash and make seem to follow very different philosophies for updates (the former seems much more active), am I mistaken?

They are two different people.
Yes, I assumed this, but it doesn't answer my question. I guess I didn't really take the time to craft something the package owner could actually respond to, though. My query was a rather ham-handed attempt to get the make package owner to justify not having picked up an upstream patch that was (somewhat) specifically targeted for Cygwin.

Now that I've got the package owner's response, I think I'm happy ;)


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