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Question on ssh to a windows machine from linux with and without a program to run

I originally posted this in Cygwin/X but I wonder now if this is an ssh or an X 

Acutally I know it must be some form of authority issue but not sure which 
security or Authority.

I have a XP WIndows machine (atl-lt-5783) with Cygwin and ssh and sshd is 
running and I have Linux machine (atl-lt-5783-lnx with ssh and sshd running.  
>From the windows machine I can connect to the linux and run xterm all in the 
same command:

ssh -X -f -l briank atl-lt-5783-lnx xterm -fg grey -bg midnightblue -cr red

and after entering the password for briank on my Desktop on the XP machine I 
will get my xterm window for atl-lt-5783-lnx as expected.

However if I try this from the Linux machine in the X interface to the Windows 

ssh -X -f -l briank atl-lt-5783 xterm -fg grey -bg midnightblue -cr red

I will ask me for a password but then I never get the xterm window.  If on the 
other hand I do the same in two steps:

ssh -X -l briank atl-lt-5783

and answer my password and get a bash shell and new prompt for atl-lt-5783 
showing I am connected and then do 

xterm -fg grey -bg midnightblue -cr red

I get my xterm window as expected.  I have tried googling and also the man but 
I am not sure what I am looking for as far as a sympton or keyword that will 
get the information I need.

What am I missing and is it on the linux or windows side - any thoughts.  Any 
information and insight greatly appreciated.


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