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Re: "Bash Here..." menu option "howto" reg-entry

Linda Walsh wrote:
> Hugh McMaster wrote:
>> On 11/11/06, Linda Walsh wrote:
>>> After some time debugging I figured out a way to add a prompt option
>>> to the right-click menu on directories and drives that works for
>>> my alternate drives and network directories.  I think it should be
>>> able to be generalized for other shells, but I use "Bash".
>>> The reg-entry for directories is:
>>> Advantages over other known methods:
>>> 1) no external programs required;
>>> 2) no "stacked" shell processes left in process table
>>> Maybe the registry entries could go in a Cygwin FAQ entry?

>> Just a quick note.  In the setup programme, there is an option to have
>> 'Open Bash Prompt Here' context menu added to the right-click menu.

Clarification: Setup provides the option to install the package chere,
which you can run at your leisure to add the context menus. As far as I
am aware the standard setup.exe has not been modified to do this
automatically (or with checkboxes). Seeing as chere is not in the base
packages (yet), this wouldn't work for all users.

> requires installing a separate executable program.

Clarification: chere only uses scripts.

> This "add bash prompt" requires no 3rd party binary and
> uses programs already included in the cygwin base package.

As far as I am aware, this is also the case with chere.

> The installable program also has a bug in that it invokes each
> shell window as a separate user login, breaking the normal
> windowing paradigm of one login (starting an X-server, for
> example), followed by multiple client windows (that don't get
> started as login windows).

True. I feel that it is more important to provide a full posix
environment than attempt to provide a cut down one. That said I have a
program in the works to provide a single parent login shell to spwan
everything from. Whether chere is updated to use it or not...

> Why install extra programs when it can all be done by adding
> 2 registry keys (1 for directories, 1 for drives)?

chere can do the plain registry thing as well. Just pass it the -1
option. This does lead to breakage with particular shells (pdksh, ash
IIRC) and network paths, as documented.

If you search the archives, you will find a number of recipes for
REGEDIT files which do similar things, and semi-automated ways of
generating those files. There's also lots of discussion of the merits of
the different ways of doing things. IMHO, if chere is not sufficient for
somebodies needs searching the mailing list (where they wil now also see
your solution) seems a reasonable course of action (as this is now a

Of course, if you'd like to propose a patch to chere which makes it do
what you think it should, I will be happy to consider it.


Dave Kilroy
chere maintainer

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