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Re: request for /dev/stdin and friends

On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Nov 15 06:40, Eric Blake wrote:
> >
> > I know it is possible to create /dev/std{in,out,err} myself, simply making
> > symlinks to /proc/self/fd/{0,1,2}, once I create an underlying physical
> > /dev directory.  But by doing so, I have made it so that the version of
> > bash that I compile detects their existence, and assumes it can use
> > /dev/stdin without problems, and then running that version of bash on
> > other machines fails because /dev/stdin is not standard in cygwin.  I
> > suppose I could try to make the bash postinstall script create a physical
> > /dev/ drive, and populate it with std{in,out,err}, but it seems like it
> > might be nicer if cygwin/ were to provide them natively for all
> > users.
> Dunno about that.  On Linux, /dev/std{in,out,err} are just symbolic
> links to fd/{0,1,2} and fd is just a symlink to /proc/self/fd.
> So what we should do here IMO is to augment the base-files package
> to create a /dev directory and create a couple of standard symlinks
> in it, which are not covered automatically by the Cygwin DLL.
> For a start:
>   fd -> /proc/self/fd
>   stdin -> fd/0
>   stdout -> fd/1
>   stderr -> fd/2
>   dvd -> scd0
>   cdrom -> scd0
>   rmt0 -> st0
>   nrmt0 -> nst0
>   tape -> nst0

There already was some discussion, ending in
<>, which
never got a reply...
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