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RE: Wrong root directory

On 16 November 2006 13:05, Timothy Madden wrote:

> Hello
> Sorry if asking a known question.
> I have Cygwin NT-5.1 and many applications ported for Windows with
> Cygwin installed separately. I recently configured OpenSSH 3.8.1 as a
> service to start automaticaly with Windows, and since then the file
> -system root directory of my Cygwin installation is C:\Program
> Files\OpenSSH instead of C:\local\cygwin as before.

  Argh!  You've installed some 3PP bundle of ssh and it's overwritten your
mountpoints!  That is /seriously/ unfriendly.  Where did you get this download

> How can I fix the mapping for the root folder ? 

  Use the mount command.  At a minimum, you'll need to have /, /usr/bin, and
/usr/lib mountpoints all pointing into the correct places in your old dir
structure.  If you had attached your cygcheck output to the mail as it
describes on the problem-reporting page, we could have given you a full list
of what mountpoints you'd need to repair.

> Where is the documentation for this ?

  In the cygwin user guide, and also the mount man/info pages.

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