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UNC file names, symlinks and ssh

I am getting some confusing behaviour from cygwin that I don't
understand. Essentially, UNC files names appear to be behaving very
differently between the console and when sshing into the machine. 

I have the following set up (--> means a symlink)

~/mnt/webpages -->   //homepages/with/unc/name
~/documents/website/published --> ~/mnt/webpages


Now, if in ~/documents/website, I do

cp some.html published 

it all works. My document gets published to the UNC location as I

However, if I ssh into my desktop machine, things no longer work
properly. If in ~/documents/website I try

cd published

I get "Permission denied". If I do

cp some.html published

the symlink gets replaced with a file "published" having the contents
of some.html. Also

cd ~/mnt/webpages

gives permission denied. 

This problem seems highly specific. I get this only when sshing into
my desktop machine. Last night I had one shell open on the local
machine, running an ssh session into the remote machine, with another
shell inside a VNC desktop session running directly on the remote
machine. The ssh shell seemed unable to cope with the UNC names. 

I'm very confused. I always assumed a shell was a shell whether it was
writing to a local terminal or through an ssh session. 

Can anyone help? 


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