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Re: Windows environment variables in ssh sessions with privilege seperation

On 11/15/06, Sean Morgan wrote:
I have cygwin sshd installed using privilege separation but find that
when connected via ssh that neither the windows system nor user
variables are present in the bash shell as they are when cygwin is run
in a command shell from the Windows desktop.

I always add the environment variables I want an SSH shell to have when I install it.

However, if you are using the ssh-config-host script, that may not be
as easy (I cannot remember and since it is already installed, I don't
want to run it again as it might hose something up).

You can however add the environment variables you want to the Windows
registry directly.

Basically, look in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<ssh

Create REG_SZ values with the names of the environment variable you
want to set and make the value data what you want it set to.

For example, I usually end up with:




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