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Re: "Bash Here..." menu option "howto" reg-entry

Linda Walsh wrote: requires installing a separate executable program.

This "add bash prompt" requires no 3rd party binary and
uses programs already included in the cygwin base package.

The installable program also has a bug in that it invokes each
shell window as a separate user login, breaking the normal
windowing paradigm of one login (starting an X-server, for
example), followed by multiple client windows (that don't get
started as login windows).

The maintainer of chere reads this list, so I think he will respond.

Why install extra programs when it can all be done by adding
2 registry keys (1 for directories, 1 for drives)?

The answer is very simple to me. Because you can configure it much better and easier. Why should I *manually* edit a .reg file to change the paths? I don't like to have cygwin installed in c:\ as you apparently have. That is handled by chere for you.


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