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Why does CYGWIN remap my keys

I sent this message to but received no reply.

I have just installed Cygwin on my Mum's Windows XP Home computer and I
noticed that it rebinds some of the keys, such as

" -> @
@ -> "
\ -> #
| -> ~


I managed to patch Gnu Emacs so that it goes back to the old bindings
with the following Lisp code:

 (keyboard-translate 35 92)   ;; hash -> backslash
 (keyboard-translate 126 124) ;; tilde -> vertical bar
 (keyboard-translate 34 64) ;; doublequote -> ampersand
 (keyboard-translate 64 34) ;; ampersand -> doublequote
 (keyboard-translate 163 35) ;; poundsign -> hash
 (keyboard-translate 172 126) ;; notsign -> tilde

But a better solution would be to stop CYGWIN from rebinding the keys
in the first place, as the Emacs key bindings only work inside Emacs.
You could tell me that I should never need to leave Emacs in the first
place! However I am running a course in Web Design for high school
students so they would probably need the keys to work the way they
should in applications such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

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