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Re: Bash process remains after I close rxvt in certain ways

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According to Eric Lilja on 11/12/2006 12:52 PM:
> I recently upgraded to a dual core machine which made me use the windows
> task manager alot. That's when I noticed that if I close the rxvt window
> by pressing 'x' in the top right corner (or doing alt-f4, I never do
> this, just tried it now to see what happened) the rxvt process is
> terminated and the window disappears but the "underlying" bash process
> is still running (without a visible window), consuming ~3.5 MB of memory
> and 0 cpu time according to the task manager.

So far, no one has found a good way for a cygwin process killed by Alt-F4
(or the X button) to treat that as a SIGHUP and pass that information on
to all of its children processes.  So, by killing rxvt abruptly, you are
indeed stranding bash as a zombie process.

> If I exit rxvt by typing
> exit, the bash process is terminated too.

Actually, typing exit will exit bash, not rxvt; but when rxvt realizes
that all of its children processes have exited, it exits as well.

> Can I do something so the bash
> process is always terminated properly no matter how I close the rxvt
> window? 

Submit a patch to make cygwin processes recognize Alt-F4 as a SIGHUP that
needs to be passed to their children?  Or possibly even a patch such that
when a controlling pty terminal is closed, all children (such as bash)
reading from that pty get an end-of-input (possibly a SIGPIPE) when trying
to read from the disappearing terminal?

> Is there misconfiguration on my end or should I simply get in
> the habit of always using exit to close rxvt?

For now, that is the best course of action.

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