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Re: Startup and X problem with 1.5.21 WOW64 kernel on AMD64


 Thanks for helping, I un-installed cygwin and installed it again and
 the problem persists. Now the /home directory was not created
 and the PATH variable is not initialised.

  All the cygwin installation is as downloaded, there are no startup scripts
  other than those provided so there should not be any CR/LF problem.
  I keep thinking something essential in the startup process is missing but
  I do not know what and where to look for it.

   Many thanks again,

  I am using the current 1.5.21 kernel with the configuration shown
  below (from cygcheck output). I run Windows XP x64 pro.

  Things worked ok on the 1.5.19 kernel but after upgrading I see that:
    - the cygwin window starts at /usr/bin
    - the PATH variable is not initialised (except with what I add in
    - the most serious: startx does nothing (also doesn't write to

 Are there really no error messages of any kind coming out when you start up
a bash shell?

  I suppose these symptoms come from a single problem, could it be something
  in the initialisation sequence?

 Have you rebooted since you ran setup.exe?  Are you completely sure there
were no cygwin processes running, perhaps as services, at the time?  Failing
that, do you perhaps have CRLF line-endings in one of the startup scripts?

I am using the latest bash 3.2.3-5
and see that
  there is no /etc/bash.bashrc .

Well, that's empty on older versions anyway.  In case of doubt, just re-run
setup.exe, select "Install from local directory" and click all the way through
with the default options; that'll make sure everything is properly installed
and consistent.


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