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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xsri-2.1.0-2

"X Set Root Image"

This is a simple app that does nothing much -- and uses a bazillion gtk2 libraries to do it. However, that means it can do nothing much, but with STYLE.

* add man page from Fedora 6
* allow to build with glib-2.10.x + gtk2-2.6.x (requires enabling
  use of deprecated glib functions)
* don't use deprecated gtk/gdk functions
* fix type-punning warning
* switch to cygport build framework

Setting the root image isn't very effective when using cygwin-X's multiwindow mode, UNLESS you're using an application that implements pseudo-transparency, like some terminal emulators. The cygwin rxvt program does so, if invoked in "X mode" using the "-ip" option.

However, xsri is still useful with other window managers, if you don't want to use kcontrol or gnomecontrol or whatever -- because it uses the (semi-)standard xatom "ESETROOT_PMAP_ID" and "_XROOTPMAP_ID" mechanisms.

EXAMPLE: within startwin.bat or
xsri --center-x --center-y --scale-height=100 --scale-width=100 --keep-aspect --emblem=<full cygwin path to image>

Charles Wilson
xsri volunteer maintainer for cygwin

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