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rsync hangs (maybe due to cron?) when getting data from Windows to Linux PC


I backup a windows laptop on my home lan everynight using rsync and cygwin. The backups are made on a Linux PC running Debian Etch and 2.6.17 kernel. The Windows laptop is running Windows XP Pro. fully updated, and cygwin, also fully updated (which has sshd and rsyncd running).

On the Linux PC, I have a cron job which calls my rsync script to copy the directories from Windows PC to the Linux PC.

I notice that if there are either too many files, or large files or both to be copied from the Windows PC, rsync hangs and never completes. But with the "-n" option, rsync on the Linux PC gives the list of files to be copied.

This hanging can kind of be avoided if I do the backup of the Windows PC folder by folder (I break up the backup process into backing up a bunch of folders at a time).

Recenly, I noticed that I can run that backup rsync command manually on the Linux PC and it worked. But running that command via a script did not work. So, at this point I am not sure what is going wrong, maybe it is my script. I run the same command from the command line and from the script but the results are different. Before I go further into my script, I just wanted to know if somebody is aware of any problem if rsyncd being run on Cygwin and Linux <--> Cygwin rsync problems.


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