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Startup and X problem with 1.5.21 WOW64 kernel on AMD64


 I am using the current 1.5.21 kernel with the configuration shown
 below (from cygcheck output). I run Windows XP x64 pro.

  Cygwin Configuration Diagnostics
  Windows 2003 Server Ver 5.2 Build 3790 Service Pack 1
  Running under WOW64 on AMD64

 Things worked ok on the 1.5.19 kernel but after upgrading I see that:
   - the cygwin window starts at /usr/bin
   - the PATH variable is not initialised (except with what I add in ~/.bashrc)
   - the most serious: startx does nothing (also doesn't write to

 I suppose these symptoms come from a single problem, could it be something
 in the initialisation sequence? I am using the latest bash 3.2.3-5
and see that
 there is no /etc/bash.bashrc .

 While I want to use the latest kernel, I was also wondering where
can I get the
 older one, which did work (assuming the problem has to do with the kernel).
 Setup.exe does not let me download an older kernel (could it be because of
 the WOW64?)

  Many thanks for your advices,

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