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Re: screen-3.9.15: configure fails

On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 04:30:59PM +0000, Borg wrote:
>Okey. I was able to find why ./configure was failing in random places.
>It was bash fault...

Or it was your fault for not doing your homework on what was new with
bash.  Easier to blame a program, though, eh?

>Problem with cygwin-1.5.21 and Permision denied remains unresolved.
>I reverted back to cygwin-1.3.2, recompiled few of my tools
>and everything works stable now.. Too bad screen doesnt have his
>full functionality.. Reattach doesnt work anymore..
>So, if you need good cmd.exe replacement.. That is very stable
>and you want to run telnetd/sshd/pure-ftpd on w/o NTSEC
>(CYGWIN=nontsec) I strongly recommend cygwin-1.3.2 for it.
>It is most stable version I ever had and I can sacrifice
>screen reaatach since its not 24/7 server box.. At least I can use
>screen multiple windows (C-a c).

FWIW, I recommend not being blindly igorant and working to make the
product better rather than superstitiously sticking with one version and
then sending useful fact-free problem reports when things don't work.



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