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Re: screen-3.9.15: configure fails

Okey. I was able to find why ./configure was failing in random places.
It was bash fault...
Problem with cygwin-1.5.21 and Permision denied remains unresolved.
I reverted back to cygwin-1.3.2, recompiled few of my tools
and everything works stable now.. Too bad screen doesnt have his
full functionality.. Reattach doesnt work anymore..

So, if you need good cmd.exe replacement.. That is very stable
and you want to run telnetd/sshd/pure-ftpd on w/o NTSEC
(CYGWIN=nontsec) I strongly recommend cygwin-1.3.2 for it.
It is most stable version I ever had and I can sacrifice
screen reaatach since its not 24/7 server box.. At least I can use
screen multiple windows (C-a c).

Final notes:
cygwin-1.3.2: stable, some problems w/ sockets
  select() ? UDP sockets doesnt work properly (always block)
  screen doesnt reattach (hangs)
cygwin-1.3.9: unstable, random reboots on Write access to HDD
  select() works fine.. UDP sockets aswell
  screen have his full functionality (reattach, lock, etc).
cygwin-1.5.21 (latest): not so stable.. fork/child process
  related problems. screen doesnt want to compile at all!

Best regards,

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