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RE: Using make in the latest cygwin

On 10 November 2006 08:00, Eric Knudstrup wrote:

> I just updated my cygwin install and found that my old gmake from a vendor
> no longer worked.

  The cygwin install will not have touched your "old gmake from a vendor",
unless of course your old gmake is called "make.exe" and lives in /bin, in
which case it will get replaced by the cygwin distro make, because it clashes.
(Very very bad decision on the part of your vendor if so).

>  After switching to the make distributed with cygwin I
> found that it no longer likes seeing full paths in the form of "c:/a/b/c.c".
> Now it seems to want me to use the full "/cygdrive/c/a/b/c.c".
> The problem is that the compiler toolchain I have to use wants DOS paths.
> Also, when I want to make a rule that tries to use redirection:
> blah:
> 	echo blah > blah
> I have to invoke it with sh:
> blah:
> 	sh -c echo blah > blah
> Is there a way to reconcile these differences?

  Your old gmake still works just how it did, but you aren't running it, you
are running the cygwin distro version of make, which has indeed been updated
recently and no longer accepts DOS paths.

  Either your $PATH is wrong and you're running the cygwin distro make when
you think you're running your "vendor gmake", or your vendor tools are
installed in the same places and filenames as standard cygwin tools, in which
case updating the installation was a suicidally bad idea and you'll need to
reinstall them. 

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