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Re: How to obtain a patch for viewing

Re: ImageMagick

On 11/10/06, Volker Quetschke <> wrote:

How about looking at the patch that's used for the cygwin package?

In case this wasn't clear enough, there is a "Src?" box behind most
cygwin packages when you use setup.exe, if you check that you will find
the source package and patches in /usr/src/.

Thanks I was not aware of that or

In general you find information regarding building a cygwin package in

of this.

However, if the patch is the one you previously mentioned by you :

I have serious concerns about patching the "perl" library package
files in order to get ImageMagick's PerlMagick to compile.  There
should be a way to get PerlMagick to compile by only patching some
part of the ImagicMagick distribution.

I believe this is what Yaakov was also trying to say in his posting of

Any changes to perl (maybe there aren't many but..) could cause
problems in the future.


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