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Re: How to obtain a patch for viewing

Wynfield Henman wrote:
> Yaakov  mentioned "A fix for this is part of
> ports/apps/imagemagick/ImageMagick-; I don't think
> it's perl's fault, but rather the package's for putting a link library
> in LDFLAGS instead of LIBS."
> How can I get the patch, mentioned above, i.e.,
> "ports/apps/imagemagick/ImageMagick-" for studying?

How about looking at the patch that's used for the cygwin package?

Let me repeat what I already said:
> Yes, see the postings to the list, but more importantly just use setup
> to download the (cygwin) source package of ImageMagick. You will find
> the patch in there.

In case this wasn't clear enough, there is a "Src?" box behind most
cygwin packages when you use setup.exe, if you check that you will find
the source package and patches in /usr/src/.

In general you find information regarding building a cygwin package in

> I searched in the cygwin packages but it just gave a list with no urls
> to the content.

I didn't say anything about "in" the packages, even though when you look
hard enough in the <package>-src.tar.{b|g}z files you will find what
you're looking for.


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