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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: jpeg-6b-12, libjpeg62-6b-12; NEW: libjpeg-devel-6b-12

The jpeg package contains the Independent JPEG Group's libjpeg library
and various utility programs for manipulating jpeg files and images.
This is a routine update

libjpeg-devel-6b-12 (* new package)


* Now using autotooled version of jpeg-6b from sourceforge

* Still using lossless compression patch from ImageMagick:

* Replaced Mandrake jpeg RPM version of the 'lossless crop' patch 
  with versions of all current Debian patches, including:
  + an updated version of the lossless crop patch
    +  This patch was taken by Debian directly from  I had to modify it slightly
       so that it would apply cleanly given the lossless *compression*
       patch described above.  The lossless crop patch is in fairly
       widespread use (Red Hat, Mandriva, Debian, etc) and is
       *distinct* from the 'lossless compression' patch, which has 
       been a part of the cygwin jpeg packages for ages. 
  + man page updates for jpegtran reflecting the lossless crop options
  + c++ guards (cygwin jpeg-6b-11 already had this patch in
    a different form)
  + locale fixes for rdjpegcom.exe (reading comments in jpeg files)
  + bugfix for byte order when reading 16bit samples from 
    ppm files (cjpeg.exe)
  + Two new programs (and man pages) for dealing with exif metadata:
    + jpegexiforient: reads and/or updates the EXIF orientation tag 
         if present.
    + exifautotran: using jpegtran and jpegexiforient, losslessly 
         rotates/tranposes EXIF images so that the orientation
         becomes 1.

* Split headers, import libraries, and static libraries into 
  a separate 'libjpeg-devel' package.  The main 'jpeg' package now
  contains only utility programs, their man pages, and other 

* Switch to cygport build framework (note: requires patched cygport

Charles Wilson
jpeg volunteer maintainer for cygwin

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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