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Re: CASE error in script file

Hi Eric,

08 Nov 2006 Eric Blake wrote:
> Consider upgrading - we're at cygwin 1.5.21 and bash 3.1 (or
> experimentally, 3.2).  This list does not make it a habit to support older
> than the previous release, because of the bugs that have been fixed since.
> > 
> > Is there a bash variable that controls such behaviour (I can't find one)
> > or was there an upgrade in the interim?
> HAVE YOU NOT BEEN READING THE ARCHIVES?  This has been the hottest topic
> on this list _all month long_.

Actually, to be honest, no :-). Thanks for the pointer and I have
commented my .bashrc file to remind me when I eventually do get
around to upgrading.  Not that it will bother me personally because I
seldom run into DOS style files and never shell scripts. - I was just
curious and hoping to learn something.

It's no wonder I couldn't find the ignrc option - it doesn't exist in
my version.  :-)

Also, as per Larry Hall, it hurls on linux, solaris and I didn't try
any others.

Thanks again.

	Jim Easton

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