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Re: 1.5.21-1: sshd: "child_copy: linked dll data write copy failed" after computer reboot (Windows 2000 SP4)

On November 8, 2006, Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 11:03:30PM -0800, Dan Harkless wrote:
> >I would suggest having the Cygwin webmaster update
> ><> to make the PCYMTNQREAIYR policy very clear
> >(right now there's only a vague hint at it with "...viewable by anyone. That
> >includes email addresses..."), including info that the archiver munges
> >header but not body email addresses, so that people will know about this
> >_before_ they make the mistake.
> It's not a vague hint.  This text was intended for idiots who can't
> comprehend that they are sending email to a public list.  It is to
> forestall people asking to have their messages removed from the
> archives.

Not sure if you're calling me an idiot here. 

In any case, yes it is a vague hint, compared to explicit text along the
lines of:

    NOTE:  The software that creates public web-accessible archives of this
    mailing list munges email addresses in the header (From, To, and Cc) by
    changing "@" to "at" and "." to "dot".  This prevents spammer-controlled
    web spiders that look for ACCOUNT@EXAMPLE.COM strings from harvesting
    these addresses.

    HOWEVER, the archiver does not munge any addresses in email bodies, so
    please configure your email program to not reproduce people's (raw)
    email addresses on the "attribution" line added to replies, such as:

        On January 1, 2006, "Full Name" <> wrote:

    Otherwise you will be feeding people's email addresses to spammers!  If
    you are unable to change this setting in your mailer, please manually
    delete email addresses from the attribution line when replying.  Note
    that any other email addresses appearing in the body of your email will
    also be subject to harvesting by spammers, including email addresses in
    your signature.

I would put that right by the subscribe interface (not above the list of
available lists), and also at the top of the ezmlm WELCOME message, as I

Dan Harkless

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