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Re: Possible Cygwin1.dll problem

Ugh, top-posting...  Reformatted.

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, root wrote:

> ? ????????? ?? ??????? 7 ?????? 2006 18:35 Igor Peshansky ???????(a):
> > Indeed, that is the crux of your problem.  You have a broken
> > (incomplete) installation of Cygwin.  It is usually a good idea to let
> > Cygwin setup do the job it was designed to do, unless you *really*
> > know what you're doing.
> >
> > One of the problems with your installation (and the reason for your
> > /tmp errors) is the fact that you have no mounts.
> >
> > Run setup, install the necessary packages, let it create the right
> > mounts. Then see if you get the same problem.
> >
> > FYI, another problem shown by your cygcheck output is that you have a
> > cygwin1.dll in c:\windows\system32.  That's a no-no.  Delete that one
> > (and any other Cygwin DLLs in c:\windows\system32), and let Cygwin
> > stay in its installation root.
> >
> > HTH,
> > 	Igor
> Hi dear Igor Peshansky,
> I have one simple question. When anyone of you runs 'bash' or any Cygwin
> shell and changes to a CD or floppy (with 'cd /cygdrive/e' or whatever)
> does command 'ls /tmp' give you any error refusing to work?

No, it does not.  All of my Cygwin applications work just fine.

> Please don't advise to reinstall it all not even bothering to take a
> look. Just check it, it's not very hard.

I did not advise you to reinstall it all.  I advised you to let setup.exe
do its job.  There is more to Cygwin installation than simply untarring
the package tarballs.

> If it's so, you probably have some bugs in your main cygwin1.dll,
> concerning automounting of '/'. If not, I'm sorry, that's my strange way
> of installation.

Indeed.  It is your strange (and broken, I might add) way of installation.
It *is* possible to install Cygwin by hand, BUT you need to perform all of
the requisite actions in the right order.  Perusing the sources of
setup.exe might be educational.  Many people (including me) are working on
decoupling setup's logic from the UI so that a command-line installer (or
even an installation library that can be compiled on Linux) could be
produced, but the work is hard and slow.  Contributions in this area are
most welcome.

> I cannot agree with you, Igor, about having to install via setup.exe.
> Your POSIX/ANSI LIBC library should work not only with Cygwin packages
> but also with other third party programs regardless of whether they use
> any installer or distributed as an archive.

The Cygwin packages *will* work with 3-rd party apps that use it properly,
no matter how *those apps* are distributed.  However, Cygwin requires
certain steps to get it to work properly -- just untarring is not enough.
There also are some <>s (the examples of
which you kindly provide below) that distribute their own Cygwin
components improperly, and thus break existing Cygwin installations.

> E.g. I've tried Infra Recorder (
> and CDRTools Front-End (cdrtfe, They
> are both under GPL, use cygwin1.dll and have their own installer. Do
> they need your setup.exe? It's funny.

The tools themselves don't need to use setup.exe.  However, the Cygwin
components they distribute end up in the wrong places, and break either
existing or subsequent Cygwin installations.  An example was mentioned no
further than today: <>.

> I'm also surprised that you still haven't cdrtools and dvdrwtools
> packages in your Cygwin release lists. One can find cdrtools compiled
> with Cygwin at and dvdrwtools compiled
> with MinGW (which is apparently compatible) at
> Are you guys
> CD/DVD phobic? These are important packages.

Perhaps they are.  But the way to get packages into the Cygwin
distribution is clearly outlined in <>.
Anyone can become a maintainer for the package (having pre-compiled
binaries will make her job somewhat easier, but there will likely be some
effort involved in bringing the packaging to conform with the accepted

I believe CDRtools was proposed and rejected -- search the cygwin-apps
archives for details.

> From my experience having multiple instances of Cygwin1.dll is a problem
> only when they have different versions.

Perhaps.  However, redundancy leads to inconsistency, and having two
Cygwin1.dll's on your machine will eventually cause the versions to

> When they do I have a message telling me to delete old ones.

Not always.  See the thread I referred to above.

> I don't have such a message on my system and everything works (or
> doesn't) the same, still I have multiple instances of Cygwin1.dll of the
> same version. Cygwin packages are not the only ones who use this
> library, I don't want to copy it to every third party program folder.

You don't have to -- just put Cygwin's /bin in your PATH.  However, you do
need the mounts for Cygwin to even know where /bin is.

> It would be nice to add mpg123 (used by Midnight Commander) to your
> packages list, there're no patent limitations about decoding mp3: Debian
> Linux has both mpg123 and mpg321 in their most open distributions.

Again, see <>.

> By the way, it would be great to make a note in your setup.hint files
> telling where some libraries reside when it's not apparent. I've spent
> some time trying to find libintl* libraries. How could I know they're in
> gettext folder?

"cygcheck -p libintl".  FWIW, if you used setup.exe (or even setup.ini),
this would not even come up as a problem.

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