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Re: Please test the latest developer's snapshot

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

The latest developer snapshot from contains
a couple of patches which are supposed to get Cygwin running better on
the upcoming Windows Vista.

The important change here is a slightly different memory allocation
scheme.  I'd like to hear if this version still runs fine on all OSes,
not only on Vista so I'd appreciate some feedback in terms of memory
allocation problems.  Please look for messages as "fixup_mmap_after_fork
failed", "couldn't allocate heap", stuff like that.

The new memory allocation scheme could result in the necessity to rebase
again.  The usual base address of 0x70000000 for rebase *might* result
in problems with applications using mmap and runtime loaded DLLs.  So,
if you get such a problem, please call rebase(all) with a base addresses
of, say, 0x65000000 and try again.

I've been running with this snapshot on my brand new Vista RC2 dual-boot for a few days, and FWIW, I haven't had any problems with it. (With 1.5.21, I got the above errors all the time.)
I'm not doing anything special with it, though - I'm just running a zsh shell in rxvt-unicode, and doing the usual shell stuff. Oh, and I'm editing with gvim.
(I'm not using the Cygwin/X server, though, but running Cygwin X clients on an Xming server.)

After reinstalling I rebase-all'ed using the default parameters, no problems.

Thanks for making my Vista install bearable! :-)

- Michael

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