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3PP source code question (IANAL)

Are 3PPs that bundle an old version of cygwin1.dll required in any way
to provide the source code of their app so that I can recompile it
with a modern version of cygwin1.dll?

I have used Foundstone's (now part of McAfee) free tools (found here for some time and a
few of them use the cygwin dll (Pasco, Galleta, Rifiuti).

However, only Pasco
( includes the
source code.

They are all bundled with this cygwin1.dll:
File: cygwin1.dll
File Version: 1003.22.0.0
Product Version: 1003.22.0.0
OS: Unknown/Win32
Type: DLL
Date: 0000000000000000
Language: English (United States)
CompanyName: Red Hat
FileDescription: Cygwin POSIX Emulation DLL
FileVersion: 1.3.22-dontuse-21
InternalName: cygwin1.dll
Copyright: Copyright â Red Hat, Inc. 1996-2003
OriginalFilename: cygwin1.dll
ProductName: Cygwin
ProductVersion: 1.3.22-dontuse-21
File Attributes: archive
Created : 2006/11/07 10:06:48
Accessed : 2006/11/07 10:14:43
Modified : 2003/04/07 08:04:36
Size: 971,080 bytes
MD5 Checksum: c81a8dc899edafb570052caaf9661304

The dll is over three years old!

Should I even bother trying to get the source code out of them?




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