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RE: 1.5.21: Problem building C application in Cygwin

On 07 November 2006 14:43, Narayana V.V.L wrote:

> Hi,
> I have installed Cygwin on my system (WinXP). I have an written a sample
> application in Visual Studio 2005. When I try to build(compile) this
> application in cygwin using VC8 compiler & make file it fails.
> But the same application builds with VC8 when built in windows command
> prompt.
> Any help in setting up of the Visual Studio settings in Cygwin would be
> appreciated.

  The makefiles generated by visual studio are only suitable for use with
microsoft's nmake.  You should be able to successfully invoke nmake on them
from the cygwin bash shell, but there is no way that gnu make can understand
MSVC-format makefiles.

  Then again, if you're only using cygwin as a shell to kick off microsoft's
compiler and make utility, why are you using cygwin at all?  Why not a DOS

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