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Re: bash CR and backquotes trouble

Eric Blake a écrit :
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According to Eric Blake on 11/7/2006 6:35 AM:
Have you tried the experimental bash-3.2.3-5, and exporting SHELLOPTS in
your environment with igncr specified? Within bash, SHELLOPTS is
read-only, but reflects the current shell option settings, so you merely
need export it so that it is in the environment instead of a shell local

A slight clarification: once in bash, the read-only SHELLOPTS only tracks
actions involving 'set -o', it does not track actions involving 'shopt -s'
or other back doors to affecting shell options. I noticed this with the
'history' shell option as well as the 'igncr' shell option, so it is not
cygwin-specific; however, I'm not sure whether to call it a bug or a
feature in upstream handling of how SHELLOPTS is handled.

Thanks for the tip. Working also with 3.2.1(4). I am not using shopt in scripts so everything should be OK.

Just one last question, when 3.2 is planned to be push in the mainstream (i.e not experimental)

Thanks to everyone for the help


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