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Re: bash CR and backquotes trouble

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According to Nicolas Roche on 11/7/2006 6:21 AM:
> The only remaining issue is when bash is invoked as /bin/sh and that the
> shell is non interactive. In this case, the bash documentation says that no
> startup file is read ..... So I don't know how to set igncr by
> default.... The issue occurs for example with mklibgcc when building GCC.
> Is there any way to set the default behavior of sh even in non
> interactive mode ?

Have you tried the experimental bash-3.2.3-5, and exporting SHELLOPTS in
your environment with igncr specified?  Within bash, SHELLOPTS is
read-only, but reflects the current shell option settings, so you merely
need export it so that it is in the environment instead of a shell local
variable.  Outside of bash, you can manually set it (for example, in the
Windows environment).  Either way, when a new instance of bash is started,
even if by the name /bin/sh, it should recognize the SHELLOPTS settings
inherited into its environment.

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