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Re: loop message warning in find for apparent non-looped files

Linda Walsh wrote:
I was doing a find of my root NTFS dir along the lines of :
find / -xdev -size +1G

It outputs an error:
find: Filesystem loop detected; `/Home/law/Documents/Microsoft/win/registry2/reg
tweaks/KXP_Tweaks/' is part of the same filesystem
loop as `/Home/law/Documents/Microsoft/win/registry2/regtweaks/KXP_Tweaks/www.gab'.

This is the only error message with the command finishing to completion.
The filesystem has over 400,000 files, and almost 27,000 directories.

Why would this one file come up with what seems to be an obvious error message?
It appears find is complaining that the same file is part of the same loop --
which it is, but that shouldn't be an error since they are they same file in
the same path.

Am I missing something obvious?

Hard to tell but assuming that what you've posted is exactly the same as what you were told, the differences in line breaks could be significant. You may want to look at that.

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