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Re: sh files

Hi Eric,
Here I am again. None of the answers that I received to my query were
However, suddenly I thought that I did not mention one symptom which may be
related to my problem and which might help solve the problem.
In my previoius cygwin version where everything worked perfectly, whenever I
wanted to have access to a file, I could use the command:

cd ~/ followed by the path where the file was loicated.

But in the new cygwin version, the machine does not recognize the ~
directory. So, instead I know write the
cd c:/ followed by the path ...
(That works). But that is not the way it should be.

Can you do anything with that symptom that may also solve the bash problem

Eric Blake-1 wrote:
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> According to dubcek on 10/29/2006 12:59 PM:
>>>From the time I started using UNIX, I have made at least a hundred
>> .sh files, all of which ran perfectly on my first version of cygwin. But
>> they don't work on the new version.
> What are the failure symptoms?  Without any further details, my guess is
> that you have CRLF line endings, but a binary mount.  Use the d2u program
> to convert your .sh files to plain LF line endings, and things should
> clear up.
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