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RE: All Files and Directories on a Windows Fileserver Share Act Like Character Special Device

I must eat humble pie ... 

I'm the poor sap whose bash shells were dying whenever he used tab
completion on paths on certain MS fileservers (and didn't know what
made the servers different from other servers on which tab comple-
tion _did_ work).  I've been searching through the User's Guide,
Mostly looking at things that I haven't used in the past, when I de-
cided to look more closely at something I do use:  the CYGWIN
environment variable.

For most of the time that I've used cygwin, I have set this variable
To "export ntea ntsec".  I happened to be curious about cygserver, so
I decided to read about it.  The page number of the PDF version of the
User's Guide at which this is described is 41, and when I went to that
page, ended up on page 35; spacing through the intervening pages, I
came across the description of the CYGWIN environment variable.  I
took a quick look and saw that "ntea" was only intended for FAT vol-
umes, so I tried starting cygwin up without "ntea" ... and tab com-
pletion now works!

Thanks to all who helped me; cockpit problems are the most difficult
to diagnose!

Goss ... Innovation for Business

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