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Re: Mapping of \device\harddisk12 and beyond

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According to Loh, Joe on 11/2/2006 5:29 PM:
> Really appreaciate the recommendation that Dave Korn suggested.  We went
> ahead and modified the cygwin1.dll for version 1.5.19-4, which is the
> one we have installed for testing.  In the event of checking out our
> change we found a bug in the current SCSI device handling of major
> number 65, i.e. any devices mapping from /dev/sdq thru dev/sdz.  There
> was a missing case in file inhibiting access to /dev/sdq thru
> /dev/sdz.  We have checked the latest source in the cvs repository and
> noticed that the case is still missing.  We are posting the fix here
> just in case others are interested:

Yes, this sort of trivial patch would be very likely to be included, if
sent to the cygwin-patches list.

> In addition, if anyone is interested in patching for more SCSI device
> mapping up to 64, here are the changes we did.  We were testing iSCSI
> volumes up to 32, including the host direct attached, a total of 33.
> Hence, we mapped all of the major block device 65, which leaves us one
> short.  So, we decided to define 2 more major block device, 66 & 67 to
> give us a total of 64 devices for any possible future support.  These
> major numbers are consistent with what Linux uses according to
>  Following
> is the patch we did.  We would appreciate it if the Cygwin developers
> would consider extending the support to future Cygwin releases as we
> like testing with Cygwin as it's distributed.

That starts to become non-trivial, so you need to review, including the bit about copyright
assignment.  You also need a changelog entry for the patch to be accepted.

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