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RE: bash CR and backquotes trouble

Nicolas Roche wrote:
> t=`gcc --print-multi-lib` where gcc is a mingw gcc.
> As my gcc is a mingw program, it outputs CR/LFs. In previous versions
> bash used to ignore the CR, so t variable was not containing any CR.
> Now this is no more the case and this is causing some troubles

Looking back to a comment Eric Blake made on 10/23

> igncr only ignores \r in the input file, not in `` or $() command 
> substitution.  But IFS will cover that.  Hmm, maybe I should take a
> look at command substitution to see if I can make igncr affect that as

> well.  I'll try and get that in bash-3.2-4

Then again on 10/24

> A new release of bash, 3.2-4, is now available for experimental use, 
> replacing 3.2-3. Version 3.1-9 remains as the current version for now.
> ...
> 5. You can also experiment with the IFS variable for controlling how
> will treat \r during variable expansion.

So you could give the new experimental version of Bash a try.

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