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Re: bash CR and backquotes trouble

Larry Hall (Cygwin) a écrit :
On 11/02/2006, Nicolas Roche wrote:
I am using bash version:

I have tried to use shopt -s igncr but I have an issue with the following shell construct:

t=`gcc --print-multi-lib` where gcc is a mingw gcc.

As my gcc is a mingw program, it outputs CR/LFs. In previous versions bash used to ignore the CR, so t variable was not containing any CR.
Now this is no more the case and this is causing some troubles

Why isn't "t=`gcc --print-multi-lib | d2u`" not a solution here?

Well for two reasons:
- portability. the same homemade scripts are also used among a large flavors of unixes (AIX, IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64, ....). dos2unix is not installed on all of them...
- these constructs are appearing in projects like GCC (I triggered the error while building a mingw GCC).

Is there any technical reason why igncr does not handle this case ? What's the exact semantic of this option by the way ?


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