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Re: Possible to use pinvoke to call DLL built with cygwin

Hey guys,
  I really appreciate all the help.  I made some changes to the program by adding a changing the main method into a
init_cygwin_lib method and building it as a shared library.  My C#
application now calls this init_cygwin_lib, but when it does the
application just mysteriously exits when the
cygwin1.dll:cygwin_dll_init() is called.  I suspect the funky stack
pointer logic is corrupting some memory:

Connecting to cygwin...
Warning!  Stack base is 0xdb0000.  padding ends at 0xdaf844.  Delta is
1980.  St
ack variables could be overwritten!
Loading cygwin1.dll...
Initializing cygwin...
Before cygwin_dll_init call.

Is there anything else I can try? Thanks!


On 11/1/06, Larry Hall (Cygwin) <> wrote:
Sammy Yu wrote:
> Hey guys,
>   Thanks for the quick response.  I've tried calling the
> cygwin_dll_init method but I'm still getting the same error.  I think
> it's because of the 4K scratch space on stack size limitation
> mentioned here:
>   Is this
> correct?  Being relative new to C#, I am not aware of anyway of
> changing the stack size.  This is probably wrong news group to ask,
> but has anybody ported over the winsup.api code into a C# version?

Not that I know of, no.

You can always call into C code to do what's necessary if C# can't do
what's needed.

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