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Re: Cygin and quality tools

>development, care about providing quality tools to their users (and

I've been "selling" cygwin to a not-so-technical crowd for that reason.
My wireless LAN card came with a utility ( that I paid for ) that gives me cute
little pictures showing green or red wires between little pictures for my
computer, switch, and cable modem. I can use task manager to watch it
tie up GDI objects- even when iconified. I have to kill it or have all my windows
get screwed up every few hours.

The biggest problem with quality tools is graphics- either due to the design
of the UI and menu schemes or the difficulties inherent in making them work.

Cygwin is a perfect way to get people to understand the power of the command
line utility without giving up Windoze or having them deal with DOS scripts.

I'd be more than happy to write a regex to help someone extract a field from
a complicated document but I sure wouldn't sit down and write a windoze app
for that or even type 50 lines explaining how to navigate through a menu hierarchy.

From: Christopher Faylor <>
Subject: Re: Cygintl-3.dll was not found
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 17:13:17 -0500

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 05:36:26PM -0800, infoterror wrote:
>Christopher Faylor-2 wrote:
>>My second paragraph was stating that I didn't understand how you could
>>come to the conclusion that only schools are keeping cygwin alive since
>>there are clearly many messages from companies on this mailing list.
>>This does not in any way attack your character or appeal to special
>>interests.  It is a simple statement of fact.
>You forget that the users use what tools they have, but if something
>better comes along, they replace them.  You've been given good advice
>here by multiple users, and reasons why, and you've responded to it
>with pathological argumentation.  I don't know if I can help you, but
>if you're willing to set up a debate with a mediator, I'll demonstrate
>logic to you.
>The world doesn't care about your drama.  It cares about tools.  I know
>many people in the Open Source movement, like many in closed source
>development, care about providing quality tools to their users (and
>many closed sourcers give 'em away free, like EditPadLite and PuTTy).
>I don't know why you're fighting the messenger instead of paying
>attention to the message, and I can only assume the "the problem is
>between the screen and the chair."
>I am a professional, and a logician, and if I seem terse, it's that I
>don't take kindly to having my time wasted by people who do not
>understand logical argument and are not emotionally stable enough to
>accept logic.

Dude, deluded much?

Since you haven't been able to come up with any cygwin-specific
information (or any information really), I'm declaring this topic over.
If you want to continue in this vein, use cygwin-talk.  This is your
only warning.


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