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Re: Cygintl-3.dll was not found

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 05:36:26PM -0800, infoterror wrote:
>Christopher Faylor-2 wrote:
>>My second paragraph was stating that I didn't understand how you could
>>come to the conclusion that only schools are keeping cygwin alive since
>>there are clearly many messages from companies on this mailing list.
>>This does not in any way attack your character or appeal to special
>>interests.  It is a simple statement of fact.
>You forget that the users use what tools they have, but if something
>better comes along, they replace them.  You've been given good advice
>here by multiple users, and reasons why, and you've responded to it
>with pathological argumentation.  I don't know if I can help you, but
>if you're willing to set up a debate with a mediator, I'll demonstrate
>logic to you.
>The world doesn't care about your drama.  It cares about tools.  I know
>many people in the Open Source movement, like many in closed source
>development, care about providing quality tools to their users (and
>many closed sourcers give 'em away free, like EditPadLite and PuTTy).
>I don't know why you're fighting the messenger instead of paying
>attention to the message, and I can only assume the "the problem is
>between the screen and the chair."
>I am a professional, and a logician, and if I seem terse, it's that I
>don't take kindly to having my time wasted by people who do not
>understand logical argument and are not emotionally stable enough to
>accept logic.

Dude, deluded much?

Since you haven't been able to come up with any cygwin-specific
information (or any information really), I'm declaring this topic over.
If you want to continue in this vein, use cygwin-talk.  This is your
only warning.


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