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Re: Newbie questions: missing packages / script writing

In message <ei8eos$7oc$>, Matthew Woehlke wrote:

> wrote:
> Leaving 'name' set to your e-mail address is an invitation to be 
> spammed, ala, since those of 
> us whose mailers are configured correctly don't always bother to 
> obfuscate addresses that senders leave in 'name'.

Although I'm new at bash/cygwin/unix, I'm not new at mailing lists ;-)
You can quote my email address to your heart's content.

> > Brian Dessent wrote:
> >> FYI, this question should have been sent to cygwin-xfree (at)
> >>, not here.  All X11 topics belong there.
> > 
> > Sorry, I'm at the stage where I don't know enough to know where to
> > direct my questions. (I couldn't see a "beginner" mailing list
> > anywhere.)
> If you had read the list of available lists at 
>, you would have found the correct list.

I did read that page (amongst my other research), but I guess I'm
missing something obvious - what list is aimed at cygwin "newbies"?


Adam Richardson
Carpe Diem

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