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Re: Newbie questions: missing packages / script writing

In message <>, Brian Dessent wrote:

> FYI, this question should have been sent to cygwin-xfree (at)
>, not here.  All X11 topics belong there.

Sorry, I'm at the stage where I don't know enough to know where to
direct my questions. (I couldn't see a "beginner" mailing list

> wrote:
> > Well, the "Package List Search" on says that rman is
> > included in (amongst others) xorg-x11-man-pages which Setup has a
> > "keep" next to meaning they're installed presumably?
> >
> > However /usr/X11R6/bin contains only a file called "run.exe". So where
> > is rman?
> The man page (/usr/X11R6/man/man1/rman.1) is in the xorg-x11-man-pages
> package.  The binary (/usr/X11R6/bin/rman.exe) is in the xorg-x11-bin
> package.  Both filenames contain the string "rman" but one is
> documentation and one is the actual program.
> If you have an empty /usr/X11R6/bin/ directory then you don't have the
> binary package installed.

Great, that's worked a treat (and enabled me to sort out some
other missing packages too).

I think I've got enough working now to go away and experiment and
hopefully next time I ask my questions will be more sensible!

Before I go, I have one more gem though ;-)

Barry referred before to writing bash scripts and I've found some useful
info on that and can call my scripts from the bash console, but is
there away to double click on a file in Windows and have it invoke the
bash console and execute my script?

Thanks a lot for the pointers so far,

Adam Richardson
Carpe Diem

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