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<kein Betreff>


I couldn't find an answer to this problem in any of the documentation and FAQs:

When I start the X server system and connect to another computer, I usually work with several terminal windows. I used to be able to bring a terminal window to the front by clicking on its frame. However, this does not work any more for no obvious reason.
At the same time other people logging in with cygwin from other workstations but with the same account don't have this problem. Therefore it seems to stem from the setup of cygwin on my computer.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem and does anyone have a solution?

Thanks a lot!


(I can still use the menu of the terminal window by using "lower" to bring the terminal window to the back. However, therefore it is necessary to have the menu accessible and it can't bring windows to the front. Reactiving this by clicking onto the terminal window frame would be the best thing.)
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