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Re: Old favourite: Terminate batch job (Y/N)?

>> .. but if your {commandlist 2} contains unmount commands
>> then it would certainly appear in the bash session
>> as though the mount commands had never happened, since
>> they will have been unmounted by the time you get to do
>> anything in bash.

Exactly right. I thought there was somebody standing behind me all this
time. Creepy.

>> If you change it to "start /wait bash" then you should get the
>> behavior of waiting for the bash process to terminate before
>> in the batch file.

Thank you very much. I'll use this next.

A second solution offered in the archives is

	.. {as before}
	set CYGWIN=tty
	.. {as before}

and this certainly seems to work, in that (a) the invitation to
"Terminate .." no longer appears; and (b) the preceding {sequence of
mount instructions} survives in the bash process.

But several persons offering this solution also provide gloomy but not
very specific warnings that it is or can be dangerous, causing other
behaviours to be altered. Again, can anybody comment on this as a
solution? (It is now months and in some cases years since the original

Thank you.


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