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Xemacs - can't close Internet Explorer; can't start twice XP programs

I saw this topic in the mailing list and have the same problem using
Xemacs and starting Adope twice or try to close the Internet Explorer if the
Explorer-Window is over the Xemacs-Window and I try to open a HTML-file.
After closing Xemacs the HTML-file open normally.

Topic was:
XEmacs under Cygwin prevents other applications from starting up.

I am fairly newby to Xemacs.
Did I left something of Cygwin-installation or do I have something to change
in Xemacs?
Or is it still a bug and someone is currently do a good job to solve this
After browsing lots of sites online, I get no answer in this subject.
Because I want to use Xemacs within Cygwin rather than the

I think, you can't really working in flow, then always minimise or close
Xemacs using other applications.
That's because I really like working in flow!

Thanks for any answer.


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