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RE: sh files

From: dubcek, Sunday, October 29, 2006 3:00 PM
> Far from being a computer expert, here is what you need to know to
understand my problem.
> For years I worked basically in an UNIX environment. 
> For practical reasons, I am now using Windows XP. Two years ago, I
downloaded Cygwin in the hope of finding an UNIX-like environment. That
worked fine. 
> I got to use the cygwin version of the Lilypond music notation and
that too worked perfectly until the day when I found myself stuck with a
'very simple' problem' which is irrelevant to the present story.
> In order to solve that problem, I downloaded a more recent version of
> My problem is this:
> From the time I started using UNIX, I have made at least a hundred
different .sh files, all of which ran perfectly on my first version of
cygwin. But they don't work on the new version.
> What do I do to make them work again?
> All clear and simple explanation is welcome. My computer education
lasted half an hour twenty-five years ago.
> Thanks for your patience.
> dubcek

Your problem sounds like line endings, specifically \r\n line endings on
binary mounts.  See
<> and

The mailing list over the past month
<> discusses ad nauseam problems
resulting from the changed behavior.  Look there for guidance.

While we're at this, thanks to Eric for all the work he puts into bash
and his other packages, and to his patience in dealing with the fallout
from this change.

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