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Install failing and leaving unusable system

I know this has been discussed here before, but it seems that it's something that happens to a lot of people, so it should probably be fixed. It seems as though a fairly simple update to the setup program might be helpful to people who have the problem. In, there are currently lines that read:

 if (retval)
   log(LOG_PLAIN) << "abnormal exit: exit code=" << retval << endLog;;

 /* if file exists then delete it otherwise just ignore no file error */
 io_stream::remove ("cygfile://" + scriptName + ".done");

 io_stream::move ("cygfile://" + scriptName,
                  "cygfile://" + scriptName + ".done");

I'd suggest changing them so that the destination filename in the case of an abnormal exit is different (e.g. scriptName + ".failed"). A flag could then be set so that a dialog box is shown at the end, stating that errors occurred running the postinstall scripts, and directing users to a simple shell script that can be run after rebooting, which will run all the /etc/postinstall/*.failed scripts and move them to appropraite ".done" names.

Does that sound like a sensible idea?

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